David F. Dorsey First Responder of the Year Award

Dave Pitstick

December 2017 was our 40th Anniversary. Many great employees have came and gone. Many lives have been saved and impacted over 40 years.   One thing we are proud of is our staff. Without great employees we wouldn’t have a great service. Each year we give out a “First Responder of the Year” award to someone in or affiliated with the organization.   This year we changed the name of the award. The David F. Dorsey Award is true to the name that it represents. Dave spent his whole life working to keep his community safe through pioneering emergency management efforts and working as the Benton County Ambulance Service Director are a few of the many examples.   

This years recipient is a life long resident of Fowler. This individual is not only an EMT, he is also a Deputy Director with Emergency Management, Chief Deputy Coroner, and Fowler Firefighter. Like Dave Dorsey he has dedicated much of his life to helping others.   Please congratulate Dave Pitstick on being the 2017 David F. Dorsey award recipient.

Staff Members

Citizens helping citizens

Many of our staff members are county residents. We are extremely lucky to have a well trainined, well experienced staff. 

Did you know.....

BCEMS staff members work 24 hour shifts from 7 Am to 7 AM the next day.